Award for Teaching Excellence - 2011
Early Career

Dr Debra Bateman

Deakin University
Deakin University
Dr Debra Bateman is a passionate educator who is creative, critical and committed to providing rich and authentic opportunities for pre-service teachers who will in turn contribute to the education of future generations. She is innovative in her conceptualisation of physical, cognitive and affective learning domains, and playful in the ways that she synthesises theoretical understandings of her field with applied knowledge and disruptive pedagogies. She is focused on her students' needs and learning and on their future identities as teachers. Over her first six years in higher education, Dr Bateman has designed a cutting-edge learning space integrating multiple learning theories, sustaining strong student feedback that affirms her outstanding practice. She is internally and externally recognised as a leading educator, having won a number of awards. She also provides invited consultation across a number of university committees and boards and works with the Australian Council of Deans of Education. Dr Bateman is passionately enthusiastic about teaching and learning and strongly committed to providing equity and access for all students in preparing learners for multiple futures.