Award for Teaching Excellence - 2011
Social Sciences

Dr Loshini Naidoo

University of Western Sydney
New South Wales
University of Western Sydney
Dr. Loshini Naidoo is a senior lecturer in social justice education at the University of Western Sydney. She has established a reputation in the area of social justice education especially through the Master of Teaching (Secondary) program in the School of Education. She plays a key role through the service learning initiatives and the student support programs she convenes in ensuring a diverse student profile as well as increasing the participation rates of students from disadvantaged and mobile communities, not only within the School of Education, but also within Greater Western Sydney and the Northern Territory. By developing social and intellectual capital in response to the challenges of these areas, she substantially increases her already established teaching profile in social and cultural diversity. Additionally, she contributes to the UWS mission to develop effective partnerships through her teaching with organisations and communities in the Greater Western Sydney region, nationally and internationally. She has published in peer-reviewed journals and books of both national and international repute, established international links with renowned scholars, obtained both internal and external research grants and has raised the profile of UWS by presenting at international conferences.