The Fellowships program advances learning and teaching in higher education by supporting a group of leading educators to undertake strategic, high-profile activities in areas of importance to the sector. Through their fellowship activities, Fellows have a positive and lasting influence and impact on higher education practice in Australia.

Fellowship selection is based on individuals’ demonstrated leadership capacity in higher education. The fellowships are prestigious acknowledgements of individuals’ expertise and influence and, as such, are highly valued by recipients’ home institutions. Fellowships afford opportunities for individuals to undertake strategic programs of activities around identified educational issues, to develop their knowledge of the broader higher education environment in Australia, and to practise and further develop their leadership skills in this area.

Up to 4 National Senior Teaching Fellowships and up to 6 National Teaching Fellowships are available in 2013.

2013 Successful Fellowship Recipients

  • List of 2013 Fellowship Recipients  PDF | DOC


Academic Secondments

Academic Secondments aim to enhance the ties and understanding between the higher education sector, the OLT and the Australian Government Department of Education. 

Academic Secondees will carry out a program of work for the Government and the higher education sector on strategic priorities. Those seconded will be a source of academic advice and support to the staff of the OLT, with the aim of broadening staff capability within the department, and building relationships with the home institution.  

Selection is based on individuals’ professional standing and leadership capabilities, their strong record of contributing to learning and teaching development in their discipline, home institution, and/or more broadly across the higher education sector, their role in policy development and implementation, and demonstrated project management experience, including dissemination and promotion of funded work.

The length of the appointment, work schedule, and pattern of attendance will be negotiated with each successful nominee.  Academic Secondment nominees must have strong statements of support from their home institutions.

  • Up to two Academic Secondments are available.
  • Funding for each Academic Secondment is around $150 000.
  • The first academic secondee commenced in July 2012.