Australian literature teaching survey

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Year Funded:2007
Grant (ex GST):$90,745
Project Status:Completed
Project Reference:DS7-625
Program:Discipline Studies
Project Discipline:SOCIETY AND CULTURE - Language and Literature
Project Keywords:ALTS, Australian, Australian Literature Teaching Survey, Literature, Teaching Experience Database, TED

Lead Institution

University of Tasmania
University of Tasmania

Partner Institutions

University of South Australia

Project Team

Dr Philip Mead (Project Leader),

Project Findings

The context of this survey was the ongoing national debate about the teaching of language and literature in Australian schools and universities, and the development of a national curriculum that includes the study of Australian literature. The project investigated the specific institutional structures, practices and resourcing of Australian literature teaching and the ways in which a discipline is reflected in, and constituted by, institutional spaces and practices (teaching experience, tertiary and secondary curriculums, infrastructure, teaching-research nexus, disciplinary history). It gathered and disseminated comprehensive educational data on current and recent past teaching of Australian literature; sought to enable on-going collaborative communication between disciplinary stakeholders and teaching practitioners across the field; and analysed the needs of the discipline in supporting a new internationalised paradigm of Australian literature teaching. The digitisation of textual resources was a repeated theme in the survey findings. The survey reported a strong perception that greater online availability of both primary and secondary texts would enhance their teaching practice as it relates to Australian literature, and identified the place, value and consistency of the representation of Indigenous texts in the curriculum at both secondary and tertiary levels as needing further analysis.


Teaching Australian Literature Survey

Philip Mead
University of Tasmania
University of Tasmania

The project investigated the specific institutional structures, practices and resourcing of Australian literature teaching. Teaching Australian Literature Resource, available from the project website, is a freely available, online database housing information about the teaching activities data collected during the course of the project survey.  Details about where and in what context Australian literary texts are taught, the types of assessment undertaken, the secondary texts recommended, and links to links to relevant university websites may be found.

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