Can DVD simulations be used to promote empathic behaviours and interprofessional collaboration among undergraduate healthcare students

Project Information

Year Funded:2011
Grant (ex GST):$220,000
Project Status:Ongoing
Project Reference:ID11-2059
Program:Innovation & Development
Project Discipline:HEALTH - Medical Studies, HEALTH - Nursing, HEALTH - Rehabilitation Therapies
Project Keywords:Behaviour, DVD simulation, Empathy, Healthcare students, Interprofessional collaboration, Interprofessional education, Toolkit

Lead Institution

Monash University
Monash University

Partner Institutions

Deakin University, Edith Cowan University, University of South Australia

Project Team

Mr Brett Williams (Project Leader), Associate Professor Ted Brown, Associate Professor Lisa McKenna, Dr Malcolm Boyle, Dr Claire Palermo, Dr Elizabeth Molloy, Professor Debra Nestel, Mr Jonathon McConnell, Ms Jill French, Associate Professor Louise McCall, Associate Professor Karen Stagnitti, Ms Susan GIlbert-Hunt, Associate Professor Richard Brightwell


Empathy is a vital characteristic for all health professionals. However, it is also a difficult behavioural trait and professional skill set to teach and assess; as a result it is often a neglected component of health science curriculum. This project has two aims: i) to develop a toolkit that includes a range of interprofessional empathy DVD simulations and workshop resources, and ii) to evaluate the toolkit through exploring empathic behaviours and interprofessional levels pre- and post-involvement in a DVD simulation workshop. The nature of the project will allow for comparisons and differences between the health disciplines and institutions. The findings will inform curriculum development in each of the disciplines, as well as facilitate the development of empathic behaviours and interprofessional collaboration in the health sciences students. In addition the toolkit will be available to other universities to embed in their curriculum.

The information on this project's page was updated 11 September, 2011.


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