Discipline Network:Network of Associate Deans Learning and Teaching in the Discipline of Education (NADLATE)

Project Information

Year Funded:2011
Grant (ex GST):$100,000
Project Status:Ongoing
Project Reference:SI11-2114
Program:Special Initiatives Reserve
Project Discipline:EDUCATION - Other Education

Lead Institution

Australian Council of Deans of Education Inc

Project Team

Professor Toni Downes (Project Leader),


To build a sustainable network of Associate Deans of Teaching and Learning in the Discipline of Education to: share knowledge, identify issues, and provide leadership about learning and teaching in the Discipline of Education; establish and maintain an open access database of best practice in all aspects of learning and teaching; build leadership capacity and develop strategies to respond in a timely manner to current and emerging issues and agendas, e.g. participation, engagement and success of Indigenous, low SES and rural/remote students; build a sustainable infrastructure to provide support, mentoring and enhance professional development; encourage, support and embed a culture of good learning and teaching across the Discipline of education in all faculties and schools of Education, and; build on the capacity, information and networks established during the Teaching Teachers for the Future (TTF) project and the Discipline Scholar Project and other national agendas such as academic standards.


The information on this project's page was updated 1 September, 2011.


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