Enhancing remote laboratory learning outcomes through lesson plan integration within an LMS framework

Project Information

Year Funded:2011
Grant (ex GST):$216,000
Project Status:Ongoing
Project Reference:ID11-1934
Program:Innovation & Development
Project Discipline:ENGINEERING AND RELATED TECHNOLOGIES - Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Technology
Project Keywords:Experiment, Guidance, Learning management system, Lesson plan, Remote laboratory, SCORM

Lead Institution

University of Technology, Sydney
University of Technology, Sydney

Partner Institutions

Curtin University

Project Team

Professor David Lowe (Project Leader), Mr Steve Murray, Associate Professor Euan Lindsay, Ms Bridgette Dang


Over the last decade remote laboratories have emerged as valuable educational resources, providing the potential for improved educational outcomes, student flexibility, richer laboratory experiences, and cross-institutional resource sharing. Recent work has seen the successful establishment of a national laboratory sharing initiative. Whilst successful, the shared laboratories have been limited by a lack of a mechanism for systematically guiding students through laboratory lesson plans that aim to structure their learning. Preliminary work, carried out in conjunction with the EU-funded LiLa project, has shown the feasibility of integrating SCORM-based e-learning support with remote laboratory access. This project extends this work by creating lesson templates that capture best practice in laboratory-based learning, and then provides for automated linkages between stages of the lesson plan and the physical laboratory session. The result will be a learning tool that supports structured guidance for students in undertaking remote laboratory experiments.

The information on this project's page was updated 10 September, 2011.


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