Keeping cool: embedding resiliency in the initial teacher education curriculum

Project Information

Year Funded:2009
Grant (ex GST):$217,000
Project Status:Completed
Project Reference:PP9-1370
Program:Priority Projects
Project Keywords:Curriculum renewal, Initial teacher education, Resiliency

Lead Institution

Murdoch University
Murdoch University

Partner Institutions

Curtin University

Project Team

Dr Caroline Mansfield (Project Leader), Dr Anne Price, Ms Gillian Buckingham


There is an alarming rate of attrition among early career teachers, both in Australia and internationally, with 25-40 per cent of early career teachers leaving the profession in their first five years. Investigations of teacher attrition have largely focused on stress and burnout. However, more recent perspectives have considered how teacher resiliency influences retention. This project draws on the experiences of early career teachers and pre-service teacher education students to identify key characteristics of resilient teachers, and gain a deeper understanding of how, and in what contexts, resilience develops. These understandings will form the basis of an effective practice framework for the redesign of the teacher education curriculum. Key deliverables of the project include development of a resiliency framework for initial teacher education, development of an instrument to measure constructs associated with teacher resiliency, and an interactive website to promote resiliency among pre-service teachers and early career teachers.


Keeping cool: Embedding resilience in the initial teacher education curriculum

Caroline Mansfield , Anne Price, Andrew McConney, Susan Beltman, Lina Pelliccione, Marold Wosnitza
Murdoch University
Murdoch University
Curtin University
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