Professional competence standards, learning outcomes and assessment: designing a valid strategy for nutrition and dietetics

Project Information

Year Funded:2011
Grant (ex GST):$177,000
Project Status:Completed
Project Reference:ID11-2026
Program:Innovation & Development
Project Discipline:HEALTH - Other Health
Project Keywords:Assessment, Learning outcomes, Nutrition and dietetics, Professional competence, Student learning

Lead Institution

Monash University
Monash University

Partner Institutions

Dietitians Association of Australia, Queensland University of Technology, The University of Queensland

Project Team

Dr Claire Palermo (Project Leader), Professor Helen Truby, Professor Brian Jolly, Professor Susan Ash, Professor Sandra Capra, Dr Eleanor Beck, Dr Claire Palermo

Project Findings

This project engaged the nutrition and dietetics education community in exploring the challenges in assessment of entry-level competence and how to support best practice assessment of competence across three domains of practice: individual case management, food service management and community/public health nutrition.  Data was collected from university academic staff, practice educators, novice assessors and graduates to identify current practice and challenges to best practices assessment. A Delphi survey was conducted to identify which competency standards should be assessed in the practice/placement environment, which should be assessed in a classroom/university setting and which could be assessed in either environment. Workshops were held to discuss entry-level competence. A resource was developed to support educators in designing and implementing best-practice assessment for nutrition and dietetics; it is available to download from the Monash university website.These outcomes are an initial yet significant step in supporting universities and practice educators in individual care, food service management and community and public health nutrition practice settings to accurately assess competence of their students against national Competency Standards.  


Professional competence standards,learning outcomes and assessment: Designing a valid strategy for nutrition Designing a valid strategy for nutrition and dietetics

Claire Palermo, Sandra Capra, Susan Ash, Eleanor Beck, Helen Truby, Brian Jolly
Monash University
Monash University

A PowerPoint of the resource can be downloaded from the below website

Queensland University of Technology, The University of Queensland
Final report Download Document (644.82 KB)
Resource Download Document (794.61 KB)

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