Reconceptualising mathematics and science teacher education programs through collaborative partnerships between scientists and educators

Project Information

Year Funded:2013
Grant (ex GST):$3,200,000
Project Status:Ongoing
Project Reference:MS13-3181
Program:Maths and science teacher training
Project Discipline:EDUCATION - Teacher Education
Project Keywords:Contemporary Practice in Mathematics and Science, Mathematicians and Scientists., Partnership between Educators, Sites of Excellence, Teacher education iInnovative pedagogies

Lead Institution

The University of Melbourne
The University of Melbourne

Partner Institutions

Deakin University, La Trobe University, Monash University, VIC Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Project Team

Professor Stephen Dinham (Project Leader), Professor Russell Tytler, Professor Vaughan Prain, Associate Professor Michelle Livett, Associate Professor Cristina Varsavsky, Associate Professor Deborah Corrigan, Dr Stuart Palmer, Dr Elizabeth Johnson, Dr Jim Tangas, Professor David Clarke


In Australia and internationally, decreasing participation in mathematics, science and engineering is occurring at a time when competencies in these disciplines are increasingly important for scientific and mathematical competencies in the workplace and for full participation in contemporary society. This project promotes active partnership between researchers and educators in science, mathematics and education to reconceptualise the education of teachers of mathematics and science. Reconstructed coursework and practicum components will require pre-service teachers to connect mathematical and scientific content, thinking, practice and pedagogy in developing expertise in inquiry-based classroom practices. Innovative units and science and mathematics educational activities will exemplify scientific practices, supported by an evidence-based framework and web-mediated public access resources facilitating collaborative work between specialist mathematics and science teacher educators and research mathematicians and scientists. Project dissemination structures anticipate networks connecting university mathematicians, scientists and educators in an enduring partnership with practicing teachers in primary and secondary schools, education systems and associated bodies.

The information on this project's page was updated 20 September, 2013.


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