Tracking student success: who is falling through the cracks?

Project Information

Year Funded:2011
Grant (ex GST):$110,111
Project Status:Completed
Project Reference:SI11-2106
Program:Special Initiatives Reserve
Project Keywords:Equity and access, Learning and teaching outcomes, Low socio economic status, Student cohorts, Student life course, Student tracking

Lead Institution

Deakin University
Deakin University

Partner Institutions

Australasian Association for Institutional Research, Southern Cross University

Project Team

Dr Kathryn Von Treuer (Project Leader),


Australian higher education lags behind other western countries in relation to access and attainment of equity groups. This study will monitor secondary school leavers during the first five years of their university experience to identify factors that enable access, retention and success with students from diverse backgrounds. Action learning teams formed at Deakin University and Southern Cross University, in parallel, will allow us to compare the role of different settings in shaping the student experience. This first phase of the study focuses on developing a methodology or 'tracking system' for monitoring student cohorts from leaving school to exiting the University. We aim to make recommendations about the structures (including school partnerships), processes and technologies required to enable the tracking of student cohorts. We will also present findings of the comparative case study which particular focuses on points of learning across the two institutions that may provide benchmarks for other institutions.


Tracking Student Success: who is falling through the cracks?

Kathryn von Treuer, David Marr
Deakin University
Deakin University
Australasian Association for Institutional Research, Southern Cross University
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