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Professional education in built environment & design

Susan Savage, Rebekah Davis, Evonne Miller
Queensland University of Technology
Queensland University of Technology
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Curriculum development in studio teaching

Associate Professor Robert Zehner, Dr Graham Forsyth, Elizabeth Musgrave, Douglas Neale, Associate Professor Barbara de la Harpe, Dr Fiona Peterson, Noel Frankham, Stephanie Wilson, Karin Watson
The University of New South Wales
The University of New South Wales
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Development, deployment and educational assessment of advanced immersive learning environments for process engineering

Ian Cameron, Caroline Crosthwaite, David Shallcross, John Kavanagh, Geoff Barton, Nicoleta Maynard, Moses Tade, Andrew Hoadley
The University of Queensland
The University of Queensland
CUT, Melbourne, Monash, Sydney
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Gender inclusive curriculum in engineering and construction management

Julie Mills , Mary Ayre, Judith Gill
University of South Australia
University of South Australia
The University of Melbourne, The University of Newcastle, University of Technology, Sydney
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Get Set for Success: Using online self-assessments to motivate first year engineering students to engage in and manage their learning

Lorelle Burton, David Dowling, Majella Albion
University of Technology, Sydney
University of Technology, Sydney

EngCAT is an online educational resource that enables prospective engineering students to self-test their interest and motivation in engineering and make an informed choice about their career path. The EngCAT website can be used for careers advice – helping prospective students better understand their individual learning approaches, how they work in teams, and whether they have the skills and interest to pursue a career in engineering. This enhanced self-awareness will enable students to seek support where needed and better manage their learning to successfully progress through their program. EngCAT is designed to help the engineering industry attract students who have the required skill sets but may not otherwise have considered a career in engineering

The University of Newcastle, The University of Queensland, University of New England, University of Technology, Sydney
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Measuring student experience: relationships between teaching quality instruments (TQI) and course experience questionnaire (CEQ)

Joe Hirschberg, Jenny Lye, Martin Davies, Carol Johnston
The University of Melbourne
The University of Melbourne

Results of course experience questionnaires (CEQ) provide Australian tertiary institutions with valuable information on perceptions of their courses. Institutions also survey their students at subject level. This study aimed to determine the degree to which responses recorded on subject level Teaching Quality Indicators (TQI) are related to the CEQ, and whether TQI responses anticipate subsequent CEQ responses.  This study found that TQIs at different institutions are not designed in a consistent manner and that only a small portion of the CEQ responses could be predicted by these TQI. The research established that course characteristics such as: the level of the degree, the Faculty and Department in which the course was taken, the course description, the industry and duties of those who have found employment after completing their course, all strongly influence the CEQ.

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), Flinders University, Graduate Careers Australia, University of Tasmania, University of Wollongong
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