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The Resource Library contains a collection of higher education learning and teaching materials flowing from projects funded by the Commonwealth of Australia including those from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

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Curriculum Development and Assessment of Methods to Enhance Communication and Life Skills in Veterinary Students

Jennifer Mills, John Baguley, Glen Coleman, Michael Meehan
Murdoch University
Murdoch University
Sydney, UQ


This website provides information, links, and resources about how to teach communication and professional skills to veterinary students.  The web pages offer a description of the ALTC project, the opportunity to download outputs such as a workbook, and contact information for key individuals who were involved in the project.

If you are teaching veterinary students, either as a core lecturer or someone contributing to a module on professional skills, the resources provided will be helpful.  The core team, who are from three universities, make a compelling case for the value of this material to veterinary students.

It is evident that the authors have engaged someone in developing these materials who has a strong understanding of human communication and how to cultivate empathy with a client.  The case studies, scenarios, role plays, and suggested discussion topics – offered in the downloadable workbook – have the ring of truth to them.  Background discussion from the project report (and, to some extent, the workbook) cites relevant literature on practitioner-client communication.  Also, evidence is provided documenting the impact of these learning activities on students.

If you are not teaching veterinary students and you are a lateral thinker, you could adapt the materials presented here for another discipline.  I was considering how useful some of the insights provided would be for students in engineering, for example.

In initially using these materials, it would be handy to have a communication specialist looking over your shoulder.  No matter how comprehensive the explanation of learning activities is, you may not ‘hit the mark’ unless you are already familiar with the style of teaching that is required and be comfortable with the issues that may arise in the guided discussions.

Note that not everything on the website will prove to be useful.  The collection of materials, from workbook to conference posters, seems extensive, but it is also eclectic - a bit of a grab bag.  Head straight for the Handbook for useful information.  Turn to the Project Report for more in depth information on how the materials faired in tests with students.

Virtual microscopy for enhancing learning and teaching

Rakesh Kumar, Gary Velan, Patrick de Permentier, Paul Adam, Stephen Bonser, Michael Beal
The University of New South Wales
The University of New South Wales
Final report Download Document (1.88 MB)

Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Development in Australian Physiotherapy Education

The University of Melbourne
The University of Melbourne
Final Report Download Document (550.86 KB)

Disseminating strategies for incorporating Australian Indigenous content into psychology undergraduate programs throughout Australia

Dr Robert Ranzijn
University of South Australia
University of South Australia
Final report Download Document (720.42 KB)

Enhancing student learning in the workplace through developing the leadership capabilities of clinical supervisors in the nursing discipline

Professor Robyn Nash, Dr Sandy Sacre, Ms Jennifer Lock, Mr David Ross
Queensland University of Technology
Queensland University of Technology

This project aimed to build the leadership capacity of clinical supervisors in the nursing discipline by developing, implementing and systematically embedding a leadership model in the structure and practice of student supervision. The Leadership in Clinical Education (LaCE) program consisted of two structured workshops complemented by individual personal development projects undertaken by participants. A website providing access to a wide variety of information and other learning resources was developed.

Final Report Download Document (1.49 MB)