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The Resource Library contains a collection of higher education learning and teaching materials flowing from projects funded by the Commonwealth of Australia including those from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

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Building academic staff capacity for using eSimulations in professional education for experience transfer

Jacob Cybulski, Dale Holt, Stephen Segrave, David O'Brien, Judy Munro, Brian Corbitt, Ross Smith, Martin Dick, Ian Searle, Hossein Zadeh, Pradipta Sarkar, Mike Keppell, Deb Murdoch, Ben Bradley
Deakin University
Deakin University

E-simulations are capable of immersing learners in ‘authentic’ e-learning environments, providing innovative and valid teaching and assessment that is seamlessly interwoven in the process of skill acquisition and experience transfer. The Resource Guide contributes to the development of the capacities required by educational institutions to design, develop, implement, evaluate and research the impacts of e-Simulations. The project website provides additional supporting documents and useful links.

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Project EnROLE Blue Report: encouraging role based online learning environments

Sandra Wills, Elizabeth Rosser, Elizabeth Devonshire, Elyssebeth Leigh, Carol Russell, John Shepherd
University of Wollongong
University of Wollongong
Macquarie, Sydney, UNSW, UTS
Final report Download Document (11.84 MB)