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The Resource Library contains a collection of higher education learning and teaching materials flowing from projects funded by the Commonwealth of Australia including those from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

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The academic’s and policy-maker’s guides to the teaching-research nexus

Profesor Kerri-Lee Krause, Dr Sophie Arkoudis, Professor Richard James, Ms Ros McCulloch, Ms Claire Jennings, Dr Alison Green
Griffith University
Griffith University

This excellent resource provides a summary of current thinking on the Teaching-Research Nexus (TRN) for academics, university staff, policy makers and students. The benefits of the TRN for students is presented and is supported with a large number of links to examples of TRN practice by discipline and year levels which should prove to be particularly useful for academics designing or revising existing courses or units. Links to strategy and policy making are also included. The site provides a framework for developing curricula that links teaching and research and is a useful collection of curriculum design ideas for academics. Nineteen concrete examples are presented. The resource may be used to aid the development or review of policies that promote (or hinder) the teaching-research nexus.  There are materials supporting all levels of policy makers including government policy makers, those developing university wide policies at Deputy Vice-Chancellor level, and other policy leaders such as heads of departments or schools.  In a short commentary the authors give advice to those academics early in their career or wanting to build their career.  The main focus is on the advantages of being conscious of the RTN in their work as an academic.  This is very much a personal view from the authors and contains only one reference.

Curriculum and pedagogic bases for effectively integrating practice-based experiences

Stephen Billett
Griffith University
Griffith University
Flinders University, James Cook University, La Trobe University, Murdoch University, The University of Newcastle
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Guidelines for practice: integrating practice-based experiences Download Document (231.26 KB)

Bridging gaps in music teacher education: developing exemplary practice models using peer collaboration

Julie Ballantyne, Scott Harrison, Margaret Barrett, Nita Temmerman
Griffith University
Griffith University
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Promoting classroom experiments in undergraduate economics teaching

Ross Guest
Griffith University
Griffith University
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The WIL (Work Integrated Learning) Report

Carol-Joy Patrick, Dr Deborah Peach, Catherine Pocknee, Fleur Webb, Dr Marty Fletcher, Gabriella Pretto
Griffith University
Griffith University

The aim of this large-scale scoping study of work integrated learning in higher education was to identify issues and map a broad and growing picture of WIL across Australia and to identify ways of improving the student learning experience in relation to WIL. Evidence highlighted the importance of strong partnerships between stakeholders (students, university academic and professional staff, employers, professional associations, and government) in facilitating effective learning outcomes for students. A set of recommendations (Chapter 1) and an implementation framework (Chapter 9) are project outcomes.  Thirty curriculum vignettes, providing a snapshot of a broad range of practices, are available from the website.

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