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The Resource Library contains a collection of higher education learning and teaching materials flowing from projects funded by the Commonwealth of Australia including those from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

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ALTC presentation: reward and recognition for teaching and learning

Professor Annette Cashmore

On 6 July 2010 Professor Annette Cashmore gave a one-hour presentation on her study into reward and recognition of teaching in higher education institutions in the UK at the ALTC offices in Sydney.

The Powerpoint presentation for the ALTC event  can be downloaded below.

The full report is available from the Higher Education Academy Website

Powerpoint Presentation 6 July 2010 Download Document (5.05 MB)

Zen and the art of transdisciplinary postgraduate studies: Workshop facilitator slides

Cynthia Mitchell
University of Technology, Sydney
University of Technology, Sydney
Workshop Facilitator Slides Download Document (3.21 MB)


This document is one of the outcomes resulting from a project focused on developing high quality outcomes and quality evaluation processes in transdisciplinary/ interdisciplinary research for use by students and supervisors. The project resulted in several outcomes that can be used together or independently including: a summary report; identification of quality criteria; and a toolbox of ideas for good practice. 

This resource provides PowerPoint presentation materials to be used with the workshop resource in transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary research supervision training. The PowerPoint materials provide the background and sequence materials for the Workshop activities in the accompanying resource. They provide a structured pathway through the project outcomes, workshop activities and times for reflection and evaluation of outcomes. They can be followed exactly as provided to run professional development within a university department or across university departments. Facilitation skills are then more necessary for the workshop leader than previous expertise in effective pedagogy for transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary research supervision. 

The evaluation of the Workshop activities noted that considerable time is allocated to revisiting the overall issue of transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary research with 20 minutes for initial individual reflection on the quality criteria. If participants gain familiarity with the main project outcome documents and complete their initial individual reflections prior to the workshop, less time would be needed and more joint discussion could be the focus. 

Some university staff may not feel comfortable using a PowerPoint presentation prepared by another person. An option would be to work more directly from the substantial resource documents of the project (quality criteria; ideas for practice) to prepare a tailored workshop activity. The provided workshop and PowerPoint materials could provide thought-starters. The origins of the materials would still need appropriate academic acknowledgement.